The wheels offered by our company are used in industry, machines at containers and road platforms. There are various material and price ranges. We will help you in choosing the right product as well as advise you on which model to choose and deliver to your address.

We offer:



This type wheel thread is made of standard full vibration damping and shock resistant rubber. Wheels do not damage the ground and are resistant to many substances. The temperature resistance range is from -30 to +80 C. The polypropylene rim used in conjunction with the high quality tire gives a set resistant to corrosion, impact and shock. Plastic-rubber wheels have low rolling resistance.



The metal-rubber wheels and castors are made of solid rubber and steel rims which thanks to the galvanic zink coating provides high protection against atmospheric factors. Standard wheels and metal-rubber castors with black tires are very widely used.

The high care of the wheels made allows for quiet activity. Solid rubber tires are impact resistant and ideally damper vibration without damaging the ground. Meta-rubber wheels are most commonly used and found on all truck types and manual transport devices.



Polyurethane thread wheels ensuring high durability. They do not dirty the floor and due to the material used they have high load capacity and high load resistance. The wheels are insensitive to coloration and absorb impacts and vibration well. Low-rolling resistance guarantees high comfort of use. Aluminum polyurethane wheels and small wheels can be used in temperatures from -20 to +70 C. The standard wheel thread is 92 Shore. They are characterized by high resistance to greases, natural oils, gasolines and solvents which increases their applicability.

Wheelset are made of galvanized steel with a protective varnish layer which ensures resistance to weather conditions and corrosion similar to the use of an aluminum body. The castors are generally maintenance-free and mechanical cleaning is allowed. Wheels and aluminum-polyurethane wheelsets are available with ball bearings. The volume level and the degree of protection of the wheels and aluminum-polyurethane wheelsets is rated as good.



We offer plastic wheels dedicated to hand garden mowers. Wheel bodies are made of back-dyed polypropylene. We offer screws for wheels which act as axles. The offered wheels are in several types diameters which allows to choose perfectly suitable for your requirements and needs.



These are plastic wheels dedicated to garbage containers.



These wheels consist of a formed polyurethane thread permanently put to the steel body. The thread of the wheel is flexible and it does not damage the ground. Its work during rolling is less noisy. The hardness of the polyurethane thread is 90 Shore. This wheel type is characterized by high resistance to abrasion and many aggressive substances. We recommend them for products with high strength requirements.

The bearing can be roller or ball depending on the needs. Both types are properly secured which guarantees long life. Polyurethane wheels are resistant to metal chips and many chemical substances. They have high resistance to impact, abrasion or scratches.

We also offer wheels on stable polyurethane.

We generate drive wheels for electric trucks and other equipment that requires the use of this type of material at the clients request.



We offer fixed and swivel kits. The wheels are available with a brake. High quality predisposes them for the processing or manufacturing industry branches but they will also be great in the warehouse or logistic industry.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and let you know what type of wheels will be best for your device.

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