Wheel sets

We provide wheels sets

  • aluminum-polyurethane
  • metal rubber wheel sets
  • plastic sets made of polyamide PA 6.
  • polyurethane wheelsets
  • polypropylene
  • castors in stainless steel housings

All offered sets, whether aluminum-polyurethane, polyurethane or stainless steel and others guarantee high product quality. We make every effort when selecting suppliers.

The products are characterized by high resistance to loads, greases, natural oils, gasoline and solvents. They are also characterized by high abrasion resistance and high protection against atmospheric factors.

The sets suppress vibrations very well and are resistant to many aggressive substances. They are also distinguished by quiet work. For some bearing products we offer sets with balls or roller bearings. They are all properly secured which enables reliable and long activity.

At the stage of placing the order we will try to discuss with you the conditions that must be met by wheels sets used on trucks and other transport devices in your company so as to choose the most optimal solution.


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