Plastic/workshop containers

We offer containers of various sizes and applications.



Our proposal is professional workshop containers representing practical and aesthetic use of warehouse, workshop or simply garage space. The containers are adapted to be stacked. Our offer includes many colours and sizes. High quality guarantees dimensional stability and mechanical strength which makes them a great solution and help in the optimal use of the warehouse, workshop or production hall. This type o containers are also used in industry at production lines as well as in agriculture.

Call and tell us what your need or problem is. We will try to find the best solution for your company.



Containers are available in popular sizes and formats. We offer closed containers, boxes with hinges and openwork ones. It applies in all places where certifies containers are needed- in agriculture, horticulture and food processing. The containers have National Public Health certificates.



It has its use in places where it is required to maintain increased hygiene standards. They are made of impact resistant and chemical resistant polyethylene. Medical waste containers are excellent and indispensable solution for medical facilities, hospitals, veterinary surgeries but also for beauty or tatoo salons. We also offer carts for medical containers made of stainless steel.


oferta pojemniki na odpady medyczne

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